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Sunday, February 14, 2010


More Dog Work...

This was a good day. Melinda Brenimer and Larry Adams came to work with Joni. Larry had two young dogs from his Raid and Melinda has a young dog that came from Joni. It is always fun to see the method the dogs use and to see how you can influence them. Melinda's little bitch is very fast and brave. She is taking her corrections well and really happy to work. One thing about Joni's training is that the "give" in the dog has to be right. If the dog feels the pressure correctly it will seek the release and you won't start leaning on each other. It makes the dogs really fast and flexible. I am really starting to recognize it when the dog has figured out that you will hold them up. They start to slow down and then get tight and not flexible. If they are at a good distance they are much more willing to listen. Mick(white headed dog)is showing a nice feel for his sheep here. Tessa(Melinda's bitch)is really responding with a nice give in her change of direction on the fly.


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